Extremely effective in treating pain. Acupuncture needles stimulate the brain via specific nerve endings to release powerful painkillers. This process both eliminates pain and triggers the  body to heal itself by strongly promoting blood circulation.

Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbalism seeks to balance physiological functions of internal organs by taking specifically tailored herbal blends. This tradition has been practiced for more than 2000 years.



I perform a unique massage style based on individual body and personality types related to Chinese five-element theory. Massage sessions are tailored to match the specific needs of each client.


movement therapy

Hawaiian jujitsu and Taichi are complete systems to help people move more efficiently by practicing martial arts techniques. These self-healing exercises strengthen and nourish the body, mind and spirit.

What is Acupuncture?


I always tell my patients the main purpose of acupuncture is to help them feel healthy, strong, positive and vibrant at any age. Chinese medicine is not only intended to fix health problems and eliminate pain, but also to experience optimal health so daily activities can be performed comfortably.  

A primary purpose of acupuncture is restoring and strengthening bodily functions by improving blood circulation. I believe the human body knows how to heal itself. It’s the greatest invention on the planet. When we get hurt, the body automatically works to get better. But when the body is stressed from daily life challenges or traumatized from illness or injury, the healing process needs intervention from a health care professional. Blockage of blood in certain areas of the body creates pain or discomfort. Blood carries essential nutrients, oxygen and hormones to repair the damaged sites, but blockage obstructs this self-healing process. My main job is not to fix a disease, but to interact with the brain to improve blood flow to the targeted area. This is how natural healing miracles occur. If the intelligence of the body is the best mechanism to fix disease, then why not use it? I know how to talk to the brain through understanding the interactions between blood vessels, acupuncture points and blood itself. The insertion of a needle into a specific point can communicate directly with the brain, encouraging it to perform certain activity -- specifically moving blood into a troubled area. Once blood successfully reaches the area the healing begins.

It’s extremely gratifying to observe patients feeling better through the practice of Chinese medicine. I typically see results in the first acupuncture session. If the patient responds, then I know I can help them. I treat patients whom I can help. If I can’t help, I refer patients to other practitioners who can. My treatment plans help patients feel strong, positive, vibrant and healthy again through herbology, acupuncture, bodywork and exercises.